About Us

n760752587_1417592_2462Batey Zipline Adventure is a family company with over ten years of experience in Ecotourism. We are located at the “Angeles” ward of the Municipality of Utuado, just across from Caguana’s Indigenous Ceremonial Park. For ten years we have been combining educational experiences with nature adventures, like forest hikes, visits to the Tanamá River and caves and caverns with adventures of more adrenaline like rappelling and zipline or canopy tours.

dsc01279We own 30 acres of secondary tropical forest where most of our adventures take place. Since 2001, we have been working on a sustainable and holistic way of living; going from organic gardening, self-sufficient home construction, solar power, spring water, homemade composting toilets, and more. We have been preparing the land for the present and for the future, learning how to use our natural resources to the most and at the same time protecting them.

Our ecotours and daily practices promote a minimal impact on the environment and encourage involvement with adjacent communities. Only locals are our guides and the ones who have worked on the development of our course. A very important part of our tours is the interpretation of cultural, historical, and ecological facts for the benefit of all our visitors, including social projects, school and university students, and teachers.

Our Goals:

-Minimal impact on the environment
-Educational experience on natural and cultural heritage
-Tourism that doesn’t disturb the natural settings
-Active involvement with local communities

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 787-331-0888.

About Us

Batey Zipline Adventure is a family company with over ten years of experience in ecotourism. We are located in Utuado, Puerto Rico, just across from the Caguana’s Indigenous Ceremonial Park. Our activities are both educational and adventurous, featuring forest hikes, caving, rappelling, ziplining, and more.