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Why Choose Batey?

What Awaits

Ok, so you’ve decided to go on a nature adventure while vacationing in Puerto Rico. But there are so many options that you just don’t know where to go. Whether you want to give your kids an exciting experience or you’re hanging out with your friends on a road trip, honeymooning, or just want to know Puerto Rico in a different way, you should check out what we have at Batey Zipline.

Our unique setting in the Tanamá River with breathtaking views of the karstic (limestone) forest welcomes you as we start an interpretative hike through lush trails. An amazing hanging bridge over the river, exciting zip lines, rappelling, and a magnificent underground river cave awaits. Our location inside a sustainable and eco-organic farm shows visitors another part of our family project: our commitment to the environment. Most of the time, we have organic fruits just harvested to offer while you dress up with the necessary gear to do the adventure.

woman ziplining

Our Adventures

Professionalism, personal service and attention, and safety first are some of the things that we value. Our bilingual tour guides will make you feel safe at all times, answering all your questions about the technical aspects of the adventure. Besides, they will give you an introduction to our history: the native ancestors’ (called Taínos) heritage in our land, the flora and fauna, and other geological facts of the area. Many people find it a learning and inspirational experience.

All of our tours are guided, so you will feel that you are in good hands. To keep it a personal experience, we like to do small groups (no more than 15 people per session), so you don’t find yourself on an endless waiting line that can take away the sense of dynamism and adventure. How about finishing your adventure day swimming in the Tanamá river and listening to the “coquí” song while hiking back to civilization?

If you want to experience all this, we invite you to come and enjoy the beauty of Puerto Rico with Batey Zipline Adventure.