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River Caving Tour

The perfect way to adventure in the Tanamá River!

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River Caving Tour Overview

The River Caving Tour includes approximately 3.5 hours of exploring through the natural and unspoiled river and forest treks that connect you with the setting where our ancestors lived in.

We lead you on a guided interpretative tour through three different caves, including the magnificent and unique underground river cave Portillo, where we kayak through the 1,000-foot long tunnel, a magical space where you can hear the sounds of nature and see the existing fauna. We also go on a river trek through boulders and natural pools surrounded by majestic walls of limestone rock that form the canyon, which leads us to beautiful Cueva del Arco (Arch’s Cave) where you can relax and bathe under its pure spring waterfalls. Then we hike up the mountain to visit the no less impressive Cueva del Arco-Superior, also called Hand of God cave, a huge cavern above Cueva del Arco that was used as a refuge by our ancestors (the Taíno Indians) and native inhabitants of this land.

Batey Zipline Adventure is not only about zip lines and adrenaline. We are committed to the educational and cultural awareness of individuals seeking true ecotourism. Reservations required.

Our River Caving Tour Includes:

  • Visiting three unique caves in the Tanamá river:
    • Underground river cave (river kayaking)
    • Cueva del Arco (Arch’s Cave)
    • Cueva del Arco-Superior (huge cavern above Arch’s Cave)
  • Spectacular views of the karst region
  • Bathing under waterfalls of spring water
  • River trekking/canyoneering through boulders and majestic natural beauty
  • Forest hiking (moderate-semi intense)
  • Jumping and swimming in natural pools, free jumps and breathtaking views of the Northern Karst forest
  • Crossing our 150-foot long suspension bridge over the Tanamá river

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